Training programmes

Very Brief Advice

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training is now offering an online 'Very Brief Advice' (VBA) training module. This can be accessed here. This FREE online training module has been developed for GPs and other healthcare professionals to help increase the quality and frequency of VBA given to patients who smoke.

Level 1 Training (brief and opportunistic advice)

Duration: three hours
This training is suitable for all people working in health and related services, but who are unable to offer intensive intervention sessions. Brief and opportunistic interventions are valuable as they highlight the benefits of stopping smoking. After successful completion of the course trainees will be able to undertake the following:

  • Assessment and recording of smoking status
  • Assessment of readiness to quit
  • The health risks of smoking and the benefits of quitting
  • Reasons why stopping smoking can be difficult
  • Treatments to help with stopping smoking
  • Referral pathway to local services
  • Toolkit of marketing materials

Level 1 training is available upon request – please call Amy Hawkins on 01480 379553 for details.

Level 2 Standard Treatment Training Programme (intensive one-to-one intervention)

CAMQUIT have redesigned their training programme in line with the National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT). The training is now in three distinct parts.

1. Pre-course reading – this part of the programme is designed to give background information on Camquit stop smoking services, smoking prevalence and target setting as well as information on smoking in pregnancy, smoking in young people and smoking and mental health. The pre-course reading will be emailed to participants two weeks before the training day.

2. Training day – the training day itself runs from 09.30 to 16.30 and will focus on addiction, products to support a quit attempt e.g. nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), health behaviour change, motivational interviewing and how to work effectively with clients. Please note: this can be offered as two half-day sessions.

3. Follow-up session – this session will be booked at the training day and will take place at your workplace and last approximately one hour. This session will include further discussions on the local enhanced service agreement and any outstanding questions from the training day; you will receive your CO monitor including instruction on how to use it. Your training certificate will be issued at this session.

This training is suitable for healthcare professionals who can offer intensive one-to-one sessions and behavioural support. Attendance and completion of all modules is essential for certification. After successful completion of the course trainees will be able to advise on/undertake the following:

  • The effects of smoking on health
  • The effects of second-hand smoke (particularly with regard to pregnancy and young people)
  • The benefits of stopping smoking
  • Smoking cessation treatments and their outcome (pharmacotherapy)
  • Assessment of nicotine dependence and readiness to quit
  • Behaviour change and motivational interviewing
  • The benefits of behavioural support

All Level 2 trained advisors will be expected to return monitoring data to CAMQUIT by the fifth day of each month. When a Level 2 advisor leaves a setting such as a general practice, it is essential that the CAMQUIT Co-ordinator is advised so that the new member of staff can attend the training and continue to provide the service.

Level 2 Annual Update Training (mandatory for all Level 2 trained advisers)

Duration: two hours
This training will be delivered in locality areas at the dates set out in the CAMQUIT programme. The CAMQUIT administrative team will prompt you when your update is due.

Level 3 Training (group intervention)

Duration: 18 hours
Modes of delivery:

  • Three six-hour modules (one week apart)
  • Mentoring scheme (support from a CAMQUIT advisor for the duration of the first seven-week course)

Participants who wish to register for Level 3 training must have attended and completed Level 2 training. A minimum of 15 participants will be required to ensure the success of the course. At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Recruit and assess suitability for group work
  • Understand the dynamics of group processes
  • Deliver a seven-week smoking cessation treatment programme for groups
  • Undertake monitoring and follow-up

Contact the CAMQUIT office on 0800 018 4304 for more information.

Specialist Smoking and Pregnancy Training

Duration: three hours
This training is suitable for those working in health and related services who have completed Level 2 training with CAMQUIT and are able to offer intensive one-to-one intervention sessions. The following topics will be covered on the training:

  • Smoking in pregnancy rates in England
  • Risks of continuing to smoke during pregnancy
  • Benefits of quitting
  • NICE guidance for NRT use in pregnancy
  • Health behaviour change skills and techniques for working effectively with pregnant women

Please see the attached lists for of all CAMQUIT training dates Camquit Training Timetable Nov 17 - March 18.pdf

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