Illegal Tobacco Campaign

Following on from Illegal Tobacco campaign pilots in Portsmouth and Liverpool, the East of England is getting ready to deliver their own Illegal Tobacco campaign. NHS Cambridgeshire will be working in partnership with local district councils, County Council, Trading Standards and HMRC to raise awareness and generate action on this very important issue. Sold at dinner money prices, illegal tobacco makes it easier for children to smoke. Illegal tobacco sellers are likely to also be involved with the sale of other illegal products such as CDs, DVDs and counterfeit alcohol. The sale of cheap tobacco also makes it easier for people to carry on smoking by providing a cheap alternative to those who may not be able to afford legitimate tobacco. This campaign will help keep illegal tobacco off our communities by raising awareness with both smokers and non-smokers in your area about the impact of the illegal market, and by encouraging community members to report sales of illegal tobacco in their areas.

Plain Packs Protect

Every year, another 340,000 children in the UK are tempted to try smoking. And research has indicated that they are more likely to be lured by designed tobacco packs than plain packs. Want to see the facts? Why not download the brochure and pack images? The UK government has committed to carrying our a public consultation on plain packaging of tobacco products. By signing up and showing support for plain packs, you can help us protect our children from the dangers of smoking – please visit the Plain Packs Protect website today.

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