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Tobacco Control in Cambridgeshire

Tobacco use remains one of our most significant public health challenges with 21% of adults in England (15.5% in Cambridgeshire) still smoking. Smoking is the primary cause of preventable morbidity and premature death. Cambridgeshire County Council is committed to improving public health in communities across the county, encouraging the development of partnerships to implement comprehensive tobacco control plans based on the Government’s ‘Healthy Lives, Healthy people: A Tobacco Control Plan for England’ sets out three national ambitions to focus tobacco control work:

  1. Reduce smoking prevalence among adults in England: To reduce adult (aged 18 or over) smoking prevalence in England to 18.5% or less by the end of 2015.
  2. Reduce smoking prevalence among young people in England: To reduce rates of regular smoking among 15 year olds in England to 12% or less by the end of 2015.
  3. Reduce smoking during pregnancy in England: To reduce rates of smoking throughout pregnancy to 11% or less by the end of 2015 (measured at time of birth).

Through the plan the Government supports comprehensive tobacco control in England across the six internationally recognised strands which are:

  1. Stopping the promotion of tobacco;
  2. Making tobacco less affordable;
  3. Effective regulation of tobacco products;
  4. Helping tobacco users to quit;
  5. Reducing exposure to secondhand smoke; and
  6. Effective communications for tobacco control.

Examples of some tobacco control partnership work in Cambridgeshire:

CAMQUIT Stop Smoking Servcie

The CAMQUIT Stop Smoking Support Service works alongside local GP practices and community Pharmacies to deliver free advice and support to people who want to stop smoking.

 Over 80,000 people have used this service over the past fifteen years.



Smokefree Homes and Cars

   10,000 families received information packs encouraging a pledge to have smokefree homes and cars linked to the national smokefree vehicles legislation change in October 2015.  There were 288 competition entries and 76 pledges and sign up to the referral pathway.




Smokefree Policy

Cambridgeshire County Council operates a smokefree sites policy and can support other organisations to implement their own smokefree policies



Smoking in Pregnancy

Cambridgeshire County Council  work in partnership with all local Maternity units to support pregnant women and their families to stop smoking.






KICKASH is a programme led by young people to reduce smoking in the under 16’s across Cambridgeshire through working with secondary schools and their partner primary schools. Young mentors are recruited to lead the work in their schools and the wider community.

  • It aims to encourage all young people to be proud to be smoke free
  • Discourages young people from starting to smoke
  • Supports those who want to stop smoking
  • Prevents under age sales





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